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QC Center

QC Center
We are advancing towards our aim of “Zero defects”. For this purpose, we have established strict quality management system. Every step in magnets, manufacturing follows the international standards of quality management.
In 2004, Feller was the first company in China to achieve ISO/TS16949: 2002. This not only proved the high quality level of our quality control and management but also gave us an entry to the automobile market. In August of the same year, Feller was recognized as " The New High-Tech Enterprise Of Shenzhen " by the scientific and technological office of Shenzhen, China. With the excellent quality, service and Technical Support, Feller Magnets is approved by many famouse company.
Main Tests and Equipments
1.Low weight loss
Doing weight loss test on magnet substrates under the condition of high temprature, high pressure and high humidity. The number of weight loss could indicate the application life of magnet. Under the standard of IEC68-2-66, HAST test 20days,the best weight loss we can reach is 1.5mg/cm2.  
PCT Test chamber
2. Excellent coating adhesive force on substrates
Our aim is to make coating never peel off the substrates. Our products perform well in crosscuttest, or PCT, or thermo shocking test.    
Micro metallographic analysis coating tester   X-ray coating tester

3.High consistency

Homogeneity of magnet material for one batch and continuity among batches will offer strong support to customer’s product quality and large MP production.    
Flux meter   Hard magnet hysteresigraph
4. High max continuous working temperature
With the development of high technology industry, more and more applications need NdFeB products with high working temprature. Now, we can produce EH and AH serial material and magnets. Working temprature could reach 200℃。    
Aging test chamber   Thermo shocking chamber
5. Excellent corrosion resistance
Our NiCuNi+Epoxy coat could pass 1000hours in Salt-Spray test.  
Salt-Spray Chamber