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Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group & Feller Magnets Corporation

Writer:Chris GaoDate:2015-11-19
            In September of 2015,  Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group(GREIG) holds 35% stock of Feller, being the biggest holder in the board

           We have very stable RE supply from our mother company, who has both Ndand Dymines in southern China. As well as our price-competitiveness


           GREIG is more interested in wind industry and other downstream products, which comply to our own strategy. Projects related to that will get the highest attention and support


1.Rare Earth Mining

a)totally 3 mining enterprises province with Certificate

b)all of them in Guangdong Province

c)Proven RE reserves: 9 million tons


2.Rare Earth Smelting & Separation

a)7 factories in Guangdong and 5 outside the province

b)Annual capacity: 26,000 tons


3.NdFeB Sintering

a)JV with TDK : 2000 tons annual capacity

b)Feller : 1000 tons annual capacityplan 2000 tons by 2016)


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